How To Make Friends After College

It’s hard to leave college friends. But it’s supposed to happen after graduating from college. That is why you have to settle yourself accordingly and compromise with new people who might not be your age fellows but still, you have to do it.

After getting out of college, students feel the need to make new friends. Now among the graduates, some introverts need help to make new friends easily. However, the other students find it easier for a specific reason. Whether you are either of them, this content will be helpful for you.

Here we have picked the top working ways to let you know how to make friends after college. You can do it easily by following your hobby, joining your favorite groups, connecting with people at your job, or using different social apps. So having these in mind, let’s go through each of the 12 best ways in detail.

How To Make Friends After College
How To Make Friends After College

12 Best Ways to Make Friends After College

1. Follow Your Hobby

One of the best ways to make friends after college is to chase your hobbies or any field of your interest actively. Think of something other than the ideal passion of your life. It can be anything from your interests or hobbies.

For instance, you like doing photography in your free time. Determine your specific photography styles, such as landscape, portrait, or other preferred choices. And then, finally, join a photography community according to your favorite photography style. It can be online as well as a group in your residential area.

Like all other hobbies, photography is something enticing. So after joining the photography groups, become active in them and share your ideas. Engaging consistently with the group members is the best way to make some good friends and improve your photography skills.

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2. Interact With Your Coworkers

You know, generally, many people start jobs after graduating from college. So if you are one of them, here comes another good way to find friends after college. Now from the headline, you would have guessed this method. So let’s go through it quickly.

Your job space is one primary way to meet new people regularly. You also get like-minded coworkers, leading to a less cumbersome working space. But it takes some time. Because although interacting with your coworkers formally is normal, making them friends requires some time.

Accordingly, please spend time with them daily, try to know each other, and share your thoughts. Doing so will make them comfortable with your friendly company, and sometimes, luckily, many of your common ideas are discovered between the two of you. Hence interacting with your coworkers prove a helpful way to make friends after college.

3. Start Volunteering 

Being a volunteer is not only fruitful for the community but also becomes a source of making some good friends. Since volunteering is usually group based, it provides an excellent opportunity to find people of your interests.

Volunteer communities always need volunteers to help them ease the workload. So you can join them and befriend your team members or the organization’s people besides volunteering.

Finding volunteer organizations is simple. You need to head towards Google and search the volunteering organizations or non-profit services communities according to your city and enroll after completing the required criteria. 

4. Make Friends Through Apps 

In the past, people joined Facebook, Instagram, or other social media groups to know about the latest updates, share their ideas, and interact with like-minded people. But now, you can use more than just these social media apps.

If you can use it properly, you can get a lot from present-day technology devices, specifically your phone. The continuous advancements in software have introduced some fantastic ways to meet with friends of your preferred choice. 

Some of these ways include friends finding apps such as:

●     Meetup

If you want a friend with some of your common interests, then Meetup can help you find them.

●     Friender

It is a recommendable app for meeting good friends and having at least one of your favorite hobbies.

●     Bumble BFF

It’s a friendly application for searching for meaningful relationships and friendships.

●     Nextdoor

It can help you if you have just shifted to a new place and want to know your neighborhood to make new friends near your home.

●     Yubo

It is a trustworthy platform with probably 20 million users and targets the youth to make new friends.

This list is not just limited to these apps. So if you are still looking for them according to your interest, you can go beyond it and google some other apps. 

Making Friends After College Guide
Making Friends After College Guide

5. Grab Some Enticing Courses 

Some bookish folks may prefer something other than this way of finding friends after college. But it is not just about literature or academic courses. Therefore irrespective of someone’s scholarly nature, it is an excellent way to meet compatible people quickly.

So move ahead and join a course for something which captivates you most. It can be either literature-based, arts & crafts, or any of your favorite courses. During these courses, you have seen your fellows for a long time ranging from a few weeks to several months.

You have to discuss the assignments, class environment, and many more things to talk about you face daily during the course. This way, while sharing ideas regarding the course, you get someone as your best friend.

6. Engage In a Spiritual Gathering

Some spiritual organizations arrange good groups for various people to understand any field of life better. These groups can vary widely, including social, intellectual, mystic, and so on.

You can join them according to your choice. After and during the spiritual gatherings, many people like to join the meetup groups and fraternize. So in this way you have a good chance to meet people of your interests leading to a good friendship with them.

These organizations are proven to positively affect your mental health, which automatically turns out to be the reason for your spiritual happiness. Therefore besides making friends, there are multiple benefits of these groups. You can easily avail yourself of these beneficial opportunities by joining yoga and meditation classes. 

7. Attend the Alumni Club at Your College

Some colleges have devised alumni clubs for their post-students. They provide a good opportunity for the students to get together and have fun with their old college fellows.

Accordingly, look for a club at your college to make friends of your age. If you have it in your college, you are lucky enough to find people you have a good time with.

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8. Accept Invitations Quite Often

We often dismiss invitations from our coworkers, relatives, or anyone because we don’t like socializing too much or maybe due to tiredness. The reason for the overall turndown is all up to you.

If you are uncomfortable, you can say no to whichever proposal or invitation you want. Because it matters what suits you the best.

But rejecting the invitations also lessens the ways to meet some good buddies who might be waiting for you. That is why we recommend you accept invitations as much as possible to explore the maximum possible ways of finding a meaningful friendship.

9. Seek Out Cohousing 

Many students want their own house or an apartment after graduation. If you are one of them, you have explored another great way to make friends after college without any worries. Let us see how.

If you want to make new friends easily, even in your new living space, you should go for cohousing or shared apartments. These are one of the best ways to meet folks who can be your good friends for a long time after college.

You get to see your roommates daily because you share the same place. In this way, you have a chance to get to know each other. You can open up with a little introduction and then see being supported by sharing other thoughts where your small discussion leads.

10. Keep In Touch With Your Favorite People 

Here we will answer your question: how do you make friends after college by following up with your favorite people? We will understand it by supposing the following general situation.

You met someone nice on your previous work tour or during any party. Although you have not become friends till now, you want to start a friendship by getting in touch with them. Then in such a scenario, ask for their phone number or any social media account to contact them.

Kickstart with a short phone talk, discussing any topic of interest to you. Sometimes you have an ego that says why should I contact you first? However, the next person is waiting for you. So if you are serious about making friends, you should always take the initiative to contact them. Meanwhile, the more you know each other, the more comfortable your Meetup will be.

If it goes well, after a few good times, head towards another step of the friendship, i.e., enjoy a coffee at your favorite place. After this, you can even invite them for a good hangout. In short, you can stay in touch with your favorite people this way, which can also lead to a lifetime-worthy friendship. 

11. Join Your Favorite Sports Team 

If you are a sports freak, you should join your favorite sports team. Now you can be an expert in the play to join the team. All you need is enthusiasm and hard work.

Having it in mind, sign up for a sports team. There you get to see lots of new faces every day. This way, you can make a friend by engaging with many players on your team.

12. Engage In a Book Club

Book clubs provide a stress-free platform to share your thoughts and ideas regarding books. They also give you a way to reflect on your society as well. When doing so, you have to speak and discuss with the people surrounding you in the club.

Moreover, during the book clubs, you regularly see some people. Thus find out whose thoughts you find helpful and similar to you, interact with them, and start bonding. It is a process that could be faster. Therefore try to be patient to make worthy friends after college.

Final Thoughts On Making Friends After College

We hope you have got at least a thing or two from this article and now know how to make friends after college. It is simple. But if you are up for making new friends, you need to look out of your comfort zone, and it is easy to meet like-minded people.