Privacy Policy

The team of Scholarship Meta and the website it hosts are dedicated to respecting users’ right to anonymity. collects and uses your details as described in this agreement. In addition to their own privacy rules, all organizations that collaborate with Scholarship meta to offer their chance on the website have also agreed to be bound by this one.

Why Do We Need Data?

Students can fill out a brief survey that asks them about themselves and their educational goals. We’ll utilize this data to find them scholarship opportunities that they’re qualified for at colleges and universities.

How Is Your Data Being Used?

A little information can be sent to aid guidance counselors and consultants in assisting students with the scholarship registration process. Data such as a student’s name, general application status (written or submitted), and whether or not they have begun an opportunity application is made available upon request to counselors, advisors, and college access program staff.

Everything else that is shared is done so anonymously in the aggregate. By signing each application, students consent to the scholarship’s sponsoring organization to check their personal information. A formal partnership agreement is signed by all sponsoring organizations, obligating them to maintain the confidentiality of all student application data.

Use of Cookies

We use “cookies” to track your use of the site and remember your preferences so that we can deliver content and ads that are more relevant to you. Cookies also make social sharing capabilities possible. To improve our services, we may share information with Google’s marketing and analytics affiliates and social media platforms.

The information our team has collected about you through your use of this website and the data you provided may be aggregated with this information. To protect your privacy, we have disabled some of the functionalities.

You can visit our site, use our services, applications, and features, and engage with our content. Our partners and we will use “cookies” and similar technology to remember your preferences and settings.

Third-Party Cookies

Third-party cookies are offered to users whenever they access the website. Cookies may be sent to you by our marketing and service partners. The information they gather from the cookies can be used to improve user experience. 

We’ll utilize this data to find them scholarship opportunities that they’re qualified for at colleges and universities. If they tell us more about themselves, we can help them find college scholarships tailored to their unique strengths, interests, and accomplishments.

Right To Amend maintains the ability to change its privacy policy at any time. As a result, remember to give them the occasional once-over. Using this website after modifications to the guidelines will be assumed to indicate your consent to the updated terms.

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